martes, 11 de enero de 2011

Oídos curiosos, musicofilos empedernidos, no dejéis escapar este torrent. Docenas de albums registrados a lo largo del planeta… en bruto, un torrente de ritmos imparable (consideraciones eticas a un lado (daría para un largo debate), esta colección merece la pena).



[ANOM26] Various Artists - Leaf Music, Drunks, Distant Drums
[SF001] Various Artists - Folk And Pop Sounds Of Sumatra Vol. 1
[SF002] Various Artists - Radio Java
[SF003] Various Artists - Night Recordings From Bali
[SF006] Various Artists - Folk And Pop Music Of Myanmar (Burma)
[SF007] Various Artists - Radio Morocco
[SF008] Various Artists - Radio Palestine: Sounds Of The Eastern Mediterranean
[SF009] Various Artists - I Remember Syria
[SF011] Various Artists - Cambodian Cassette Archives: Khmer Folk & Pop Music Vol. 1
[SF012] Various Artists - Bush Taxi Mali: Field Recordings From Mali
[SF013] Brokenhearted Dragonflies: Insect Electronica From Southeast Asia
[SF014] Various Artists - Radio India: The Eternal Dream Of Sound
[SF016] Various Artists - Streets Of Lhasa
[SF017] Various Artists - Harmika Yab Yum: Folk Sounds From Nepal
[SF018] Various Artists - Folk And Pop Sounds Of Sumatra Vol. 2
[SF019] Various Artists - Molam: Thai Country Groove From Isan
[SF020] Various Artists - Radio Phnom Penh
[SF021] Various Artists - Radio Sumatra: The Indonesian FM Experience
[SF023] Various Artists - Radio Pyongyang: Commie Funk And Agit Pop From The Hermit Kingdom
[SF024] Various Artists - Guitars Of The Golden Triangle: Folk And Pop Music Of Myanmar Vol. 2
[SF025] Various Artists - Choubi Choubi! Folk And Pop Sounds From Iraq
[SF027] Various Artists - Ethnic Minority Music Of Northeast Cambodia
[SF028] Various Artists - Radio Thailand: Transmissions From The Tropical Kingdom
[SF029] Various Artists - Radio Algeria
[SF030] Group Doueh - Guitar Music From The Wester Sahara
[SF031] Omar Souleyman - Highway To Hassake (Folk And Pop Sounds Of Syria)
[SF032] Various Artists - Thai Pop Spectacular (1960's-1980's)
[SF033] Various Artists - Molam: Thai Country Groove From Isan Vol. 2
[SF034] Group Inerane - Guitars From Agadez (Music Of Niger)
[SF035] Various Artists - Music Of Nat Pwe: Folk And Pop Music Of Myanmar Vol. 3
[SF036] Various Artists - Ethnic Minority Music Of Southern Laos
[SF037] Various Artists - Ethnic Minority Music Of North Vietnam
[SF038] Various Artists - Proibidao C.V.: Forbidden Gang Funk From Rio de Janeiro
[SF039] Various Artists - Latinamericarpet: Exploring The Vinyl Warp Of Latin American Psychedelia Vol. 1
[SF042] Various Artists - Shadow Music Of Thailand
[SF043] Various Artists - Bollywood Steel Guitar


[SF004] Nat Pwe: Burma's Carnival Of Spirit Soul
[SF005] Jemaa El Fna: Morocco's Rendezvous Of The Dead
[SF010] Folk Music Of The Sahara: Among The Tuareg Of Libya
[SF015] Isan: Folk And Pop Music Of Northeast Thailand
[SF022] Niger: Magic And Ecstasy In The Sahel
[SF026] Phi Ta Khon: Ghosts Of Isan

Sublime Frequencies was founded in 2003 by Alan Bishop, Hisham Mayet, and Richard Bishop. As of the summer of 2010, the label has produced 60 releases (CDs/LPs/DVDs).

Sublime Frequencies specializes in releasing audio & video from North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. The presentation, aesthetic, and approach sidesteps traditional ethnomusicology, academic protocol and corporate funding, documenting the sound and images of ignored cultural phenomenon rich in expressive ideas.

The projects are divided into four areas of presentation: regional radio collages, field recordings, folk and pop music compilations, and video/film documentaries. Sublime Frequencies is self-motivated, self-financed, and fearless in approach. The world is changing so quickly that it has become apparent that cultures and ideas from less-developed countries will be buried and replaced entirely by the export of western-styled culture unless there are alternative perceptions of the great traditions and hybrids of these traditions that still remotely exist today across the globe.

The productions are not limited to their own archive and expand to the many associates the group correspond and work with who have similar interests. The list of contributors to the label includes Mark Gergis, Robert Millis, Tucker Martine, fm3, Laurent Jeanneau, Carlos Casas, Stuart Ellis, Hicham Chadly, Geoff Hawrylk, and Anla Courtis.

Today's 'controlled' presentation of foreign culture, traditions, and spiritualism in the west is steeped in judgment and spin agenda. SF are presenting some of the greatest expressive music in the world with only one agenda in mind: that it needs to be heard or seen, respected and recognized.

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