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Black Harvest - Robin Anderson & Bob Connolly (1992)

Duración: 90
Idioma: Ingles / Papua con subtitulos en frances
País: Francia, Papua Nueva Guinea, Reino Unido, Australia
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Director: Robin Anderson, Bob Connolly

Black Harvest, the final film in the Highlands Trilogy, charts the progress of Joe Leahy in convincing the Ganiga tribespeople to join him in a coffee growing venture. He provides the money and the expertise; they supply the land and labor. But on the eve of success, the world coffee price collapses and tribal warfare erupts in the valley. Always suspect because of his mixed-race status, Joe is in deep trouble with the tribespeople when his promises of riches fail to materialize. As he organizes to emigrate with his family to Australia, he is a saddened man with an uncertain future.


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