lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011

There Were Seven Simeons - Herz Frank & Vladimir Eisner (1989)

Duración: 91 min
Idioma: Ruso (con subtitulos en Ingles incrustados)
País: Unión Sovietica
IMDb Link:

The famous family jazz group from Irkutsk. Their wild attempt to break away from the USSR to the West by hijacking a plane. And - the tragic end.

First we'll see "Seven Simeons" documentary Frank made in 1985. about the jazz group consisted of 7 brothers, named by the skaska fairytale. He introduces us in their lives through showing us they hard work at their farm, they relationship with mother and between each other, their music and their success.
Then we'll see "There Were Seven Simeons", documentary made after the catastrophy that shook the whole world. He follows their trial, occassionally jumping back in their past to explain how it led to the fatal decision.
Although the accent here is on a family tragedy, directors also point out that the fatal end could be seen as a revolt, a signal to the totalitarian one-party regime, whose citizens hear so many "Dont's", while the life says "Yes, You can!"


Thanks a lot to Gozhaa and Djipalo_Junuz!

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