martes, 30 de agosto de 2011

Margaret Mead and Samoa - Frank Heimans (1988)

Duración: 52 min
Idioma: English
País: USA

Director: Frank Heimans
Margaret Mead (Archive footage)
Derek Freeman
Catherine Bateson
Lola Romanucci-Ross
Marc Swartz
Tim O'Meara
Phyllis Grosskurth
Jane Howard

Description: In 1926, Margaret Mead, then a 23 year old Columbia University graduate, arrived in Samoa to carry out her study on the life of a Polynesian Island group. Her direction was to conclude whether nature or nurture was the predominant factor in determining the behaviour of the islands' inhabitants. During the seven months she was there, Margaret began her now famous book, Coming of Age in Samoa, in which she describes and idyllic culture free of the stresses of adolescence; a place of promiscuity, harmony and free love. the book gripped a generation of Americans and had a profound effect on future generations.In 1940, another 23 year old anthropology student, Derek Freeman, arrived in Samoa. As a fervent believer in Mead's Samoa, he awaited the island paradise whose description had so captivated him. Instead he encountered a puritanical and aggressive society. This perplexed him and for the next 40 years Freemand disproved Mead's theory, resulting in the publication of his book Margaret Mead and Samoa. The resulting conflict became the greatest crisis in anthropology and has made Professor Freeman a 'cause celebre'.

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