martes, 19 de julio de 2011

Dzveli qartuli simgera (Georgian Ancient Songs) - Otar Iosseliani (1969)

Duración: 21 min
Idioma: Georgiano / Ruso

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Director: Otar Iosseliani
Cast: N/A

Description: Short film about Georgia and Georgian folk songs.

In the 13th century severe wars with the Mongols, Turks, Persians have considerably weakened the former power of Georgia. The spiritual life of the country fell into decay. Through the centuries have survived only a few monuments of the ancient musical culture. From the performers the Georgian classical songs require great skill and knowledge of complex rules that are passed from generation to generation. These canons form a special music school. Our sketch will acquaint you with little-known samples of classical Georgian polyphony, with its musical dialects:
Svan, Megrel, Gurian, Kakhetian. In the pictorial series we selected those that are already endangered, signs of the past, which will help to apprehend a song on a specific ethnographic background.


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