viernes, 18 de marzo de 2011

Aux pays des Dogons - Marcel Griaule

Idioma: Frances, sin subtitulos.
Tamaño: 148 MB
Duración: 10:49

Marcel Griaule


To anybody concerned with the subject of commentary in ethnographic film, the pioneer cinematographic work by Marcel Griaule carried out in the 'thirties as a complement to his writings on the Dogon appears an invaluable document.

Standing at the crossroads of the narrative in travelogs, focused on the explorer himself, and of a description concerned with the conduct of the populations filmed, the commentaries of Sous les masques noirs ("Behind the black masks") and Au pays des Dogon ("In the Dogon land") exhibit one of the very first achievements of talking ethnographic commentary.

When closely considered, the mise en scegravene of these two commentaries appears dependent on the patterns required by the professional production of current travelogs of that time, on which the editing of Griaule's films mainly relied. The priority of writing, before the oral form, is one of its typical features. Jean Rouch conceived the commentary of his first film, Au pays des mages noirs ("In the black magis' land"), partly from this pattern before exploring entirely new forms of commenting speech.

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