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Runtime: 103
Language: German
Country: Germany
Color: Color
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Director: Volker Koepp
Fritz Marquardt ...Himself


Lying just sixty kilometers from Berlin, and bordering to the northeast with West Pomerania and Poland, the Uckermark is Germany’s largest region, but also the most sparsely populated and poorest. Uckermark portrays, with much humour and a sense for the ludicrous, the coexistence of the various eras using the stories and lives of the local people. The Uckermark was marked by history, with most of the farms being owned by the landed gentry until the Second World War. After the war, these estates were expropriated by the communist state and collectives set up. As if on stage, the film gathers together a small group of stragglers (the farmers) and post-Wall returnees (the noblemen).

If one wanted to find a particular phrase to describe Volker Koepp's documentary films, then it would be "warmth and distance". As few other directors do, Koepp understands how to make his figures - quite ordinary people - shine. He finds and directs characters which we encounter at our own eye level. We come close to these people because Koepp comes close to them. It is impossible for a documentary portrait to succeed in any other way.

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