viernes, 15 de febrero de 2013

John Tagg - The Disciplinary Frame: Photographic Truths and the Capture of Meaning

Photography can seem to capture reality and the eye like no other medium,commanding belief and wielding the power of proof. In some cases, a photographitself is attributed the force of the real. How can a piece of chemically discolored paper have such potency? How does the meaning of a photograph become fixed? In The Disciplinary Frame, John Tagg claims that, to answer these questions, we must look at the ways in which all that frames photographythe discourse that surrounds it and the institutions that circulate itdetermines what counts as truth.

U. of Minnesota Press
Año: 2009 
392 páginas


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  1. Gracias, Bashevis. Me lo llevo.

  2. this book too>
    The Burden of Representation (John Tagg, 1988)