martes, 20 de marzo de 2012

A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO PHOTOVOICE: Sharing Pictures, Telling Stories and Changing Communities

Guía escrita por Beverly Palibroda, con el apoyo de Brigette Krieg, Lisa Murdock y Joanne Havelock.

Idioma: Ingles

Año: 2009

Photovoice is a ground-breaking approach to participatory action
research. In recent years, PWHCE has learned a great deal about
photovoice. We have learned about the theory and research methods of photovoice and we have learned how to work with community
groups to carry out photovoice projects in practice. We have learned
that, through photovoice, marginalized community members are
empowered to share their words and photographs as a way to reach
decision-makers and implement positive change in their home communities. We have learned that marginalized individuals, community workers and advocates, community groups and researchers
alike are interested and eager to learn more about photovoice as a
creative tool for health promotion and social change.
Indeed, we are enthusiastic about our photovoice journey and want
to share what we have learned with others who are interested in
community-based research. For this reason, we have created this
manual as an invitation to you, the reader, to join us in our journey
of discovery. Through this manual we intend to provide diverse
groups of individuals with the tools necessary to engage in photovoice.
Whether you are a community member, advocate, possible photovoice participant, student or researcher, this manual has something
to offer. It promises to:

• increase understanding of photovoice by providing a clear
definition and explanation of the research method;
• offer practical guidance and a step-by-step process for using
photovoice; and
• Motivate others by sharing compelling stories, photographs and
case studies of actual photovoice projects.


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