martes, 31 de enero de 2012

Karel Plicka - Zem spieva (1933)

The film Zem spieva from 1933 can be called a memorable film poem, which distinguishes itself through the capturing of extraordinary ethnographic values, especially Slovak folk traditions, which were reflected in songs and dances, daily traditions or even children's songs and games. It's an artistically composed record of folk traditions, games, rites, dances and festivities from early Spring to late Fall in a Slovakia of the 30s. In it's time it was a totally unique document unlike anything else before filmed. It's production was primarily made by the Lloyd company, but it was also assisted by the Matica Slovenská and even received support from the then president of the ČSR Tomáš Gariggue Masaryk. (official distributors text)

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