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Ocurrido en Hualfín - Raymundo Gleyzer, Jorge Preloran(1965)

Duración: 41min
Idioma: Ingles y Castellano ( Subtitulos en ingles y castellano)
País: Argentina
IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0282622/

Director: Raymundo Gleyzer, Jorge Preloran

Synopsis: La historia, la vida, sueños y vicisitudes de tres indígenas argentinos: don Temístocles Figueroa, un coplero ciego de 94 años de edad, quien habla y canta sobre su pasado como trabajador en las zafras de caña. Justina Figueroa, de 83 años, alfarera, y Antonia Figueroa, de 40 años, ocupada en elaborar tejidos tradicionales.

A documentary in 3 parts (the first two in b/w, the 3d in color) about 3 generations of a north Argentinian family that lives close to the Bolivian frontier. The film represents the rare combination of the ethnographic experience of Preloran (and the anthropologist Ana Montes who's responsible to the research that gave way to the film) and the political conscience of Gleyzer. The result of this circumstantial understanding between exceptional creators is a film that's exceptional also relating to sterility that spreads in the twilight of the rudiments which the protagonists manifest in spite of the oppression. The indifferent flow of progress becomes a horrifying threat when related to the fragility of this world that represents no economical interest for the state or for the system.


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