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Ur-Musig - Cyrill Schläpfer (1993)

Duración: 107
Idioma: Suizo y Alemán con subtitulos disponibles en Ingles, Francés, Alemán, Español, Ruso y Italiano.
País: Suiza
IMDb Link:

Director: Cyrill Schläpfer


UR-MUSIG is a musical trip through the archaic soundscape that has survived in parts of central Switzerland and the region around Appenzell. The voyage explores the bond between the inhabitants, their forms of musical expression, and the landscape in which they live.

Their music reveals an unmistakably melancholy undertone, an affinity with the "blues" / cajun - to my surprise I liked the music very much and even more so the images of nature and alpine farmer's daily work and lives.

This movie is about traditional swiss folkmusic has a lot more to offer than only folklore. "UR-Musig" is about the work and life of mountain peasants in the midst of archaic mountain landscapes. It is about traditional swiss architecture and interior decorations, about peoples and their garbs. There are not many dialogs and no narrator. The pictures speak for themselves.

UR-Musig's non-narrative minimal-academic-musicological documentary style manages to capture a scene, a preserved instant that is rendered with such loving care that one is blown away not only by the music, but by the mystical quality of the various yodels of the Appenzellers and Innerschweizer mountain dwellers.

It took Cyrill Schläpfer four years to shoot this movie.


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