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La Montée au ciel - Stéphane Breton (2008)

Duración: 52
Idioma: Nepali con subtitulos en Ingles
País: Nepal
IMDb Link:

Director: Stéphane Breton

In the folds of a valley in Nepal, at the end of a path worn out by so many centuries and so many footfalls, lies a Brahman village: shit lying on all the corners of the road, purity of hearts, amazement. Two old shepherds, far too often sad, accompanied sometimes by a boy full of innocence, live there and push their animals while singing on the most desolate slopes.

Born in 1959, Stéphane Breton is an ethnologist and documentary film-maker. He shoots his films all alone and takes care of both photography and sound. He lived for several years with the Wodanis from the highlands of New Guinea, where he shot a filmEux et moi – Them and me"(The Films d’Ici and ARTE, 2001). Shot behind the scenes, from the viewpoint of a subjective camera, this film relates his ambiguous relationship and negotiations with the people living in this far-flung village lost in the mountains.



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