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Paul dans sa vie - Rémi Mauger (2005)

Duración: 110+20+10
Idioma: french
País: France
IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0792985/

Director: Rémi Mauger

Paul Bedel-----------------himself
Fabrice Adde---------------himself
Françoise Bedel------------herself
Marie-Jeanne Bedel---------herself
Robert Bedel---------------himself

Synopsis: Documentary looking at the life of Paul Bedel, a farmer from Auderville (Normandy, France) who is about to retire.

'I'm not part of folklore... I'm in my life' claims the 75-year-old, who lives with his 2 sisters. None of them has ever got married. They have instead dedicated their lives to running the family farm.

The camera follows them as they complete their daily tasks in the fields and indoors (such as making butter and cider). Paul's remarks and meditations on life - past and present - are at the centre of the film, which also offers picturesque views of the region of La Hague.

'Paul dans sa vie' provides an insight into rural life from a variety of angles: historical, sociological, linguistic and to some extent philosophical. Indeed, it shows us how the countryside and its people have evolved over the years - fewer people have been working in agriculture; more and more locals have started working for a factory opened in the 1960s: a nuclear waste reprocessing plant. Paul is one of the last farmers to have stuck to his land in the area. Sometimes the film is subtitled - even for French people - when he and his sisters speak with a strong local accent or use their Norman dialect. Overall, this touching documentary offers a reflexion on different aspects of life - the passing of time, inheritance, the importance of nature, general existential questions, etc. Focussing on the example of a local French farmer, it becomes universal.

Note: the main file contains the documentary.
The supplementary two videos, show the film crew and the Bedel family after the film.



bonus video 1 (director's interview)
"Paul dans sa vie. Pourquoi et comment"


bonus video 2
"Paul dans notre vie, les Bedel après le film"


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