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Wir Bergler in den Bergen sind eigentlich nicht schuld, daß wir da sind (1975)

Runtime: 107
Language: Swiss-German (German Subtitles incl.)
Country: Switzerland
Color: Color | Black & White
IMDb Link:

Director: Fredi M. Murer

An ethnographic documentary film in three movements, along the lines of a symphony. The three movements reflect the three differing stages of development co-existing within the mountainous canton. In Göschenen, at the foot of the Gotthard, which straddles Europe’s North-South axis, industrialization took hold long ago, and the mountain farmers of old now work in offices and factories. In the Schächtental, however, the traditional family-centric mountain economy survives. Meanwhile, the village of Bristen in the Maderanertal is in the throes of upheaval: while the traditional farming communities still exist, nigh on 250 inhabitants leave the area daily to go to work or school.

“This time, Murer has abandoned all the formal gimmicks and effects that often played such an important role in his earlier films, and instead has given the stage over to these mountain people, their existence and their troubles. Murer’s attitude is most apparent in the way he has made the film, and his personal stance is probably best reflected by the music he has used for individual sequences – György Ligeti for the tunnel images at the beginning, an unknown piece by Prokofiev when an avalanche disaster in the Schächental is mentioned, and so on… As a document of modern Switzerland, Murer’s film has great cultural and political value. Not least, it is a challenge to the credibility of our much-vaunted federal solidarity.”

Fredi M. Murer, born in 1940 in Beckenried. Studied photography at the Schule für Gestaltung, Zurich. Contributed to the EXPO 64. 1970 Visiting professor at the Gilford Arts School, London. 1975-76 Studied in the USA. Since 1967 independent filmmaker and producer in Zurich. 1992-96 President of the Swiss Filmmakers’ Association.


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