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Psychodrama - Marek Piwowski (1969)

Runtime: 28 minutes
Language: Polish included: English, French, German, Russian idx/sub
Country: Poland
Color: b/w
IMDb Link:

Director: Marek Piwowski

The film was inspired by an article about a reformatory for girl in Falenica near Warsaw, written by Janusz Głowacki for Kultura, a weekly magazine. What piqued Piwowski's interest were modern resocialization methods used by pedagogues working at the centre such as performances where the girls reenacted their own crimes. Piwowski revised this idea and in a play put on for the purpose of the film (fully entitled Psychodrama, or a Tale of a Prince and Cinderella Staged at a Detention Centre for Female Juvenile Offenders in D.) the girls played those who had done them wrong. Fragments of rehearsals are intertwined with the girls' statements, which the director (his voice is heard off screen) elicited by free association. The statements, which are often excruciating as the girls attest to the scale of their parents' involvement in the girls' corruption, reveal how being seemingly bad results from neglect. What stirred up the controversy was the fact that Irena Iżykowska and Wacław Antczak known for their roles in Fly-Killer (and later Cruise) played the girls' parents, as the real parents did not agree to appear in front of the camera. Audiences enthusiastically received the film, featured before Bergman's Persona; however, it was not admitted to the festival. Only three years later, in a slightly modified version, it won the Silver Dragon and the FIPRESCI Award at the International Festival of Films Short in Cracow.



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