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Ball Is Ball (Be It Ever So Humble) (2009)

Runtime: 52
Language: Greek (English srt.)
Country: Greece
Color: Color
IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1582372/

Director: Michail Agrafiotis

Description: Documentary film about amateur football.

Kostas Samaras introduces us to the charm of Greek amateur football contests.
"Once I had a date and chose to go to a football match. The reason why my girlfriend and I broke up was my absence every weekend..."
Kostas Samaras is a professional sport journalist covering amateur football. His professionalism is not in accord with his earnings, (everyone else in his place would change their job), neither are his methods nor organisational skills (he is simply able to remember thousands of names), but it goes well with his passion for wild beauty of local competitions. That is why he is so popular. He is the right person to introduce us to the world of amateur football in Greece.
An outstanding debut and a comprehensive authorial work by a talented director Mihalis Agrafiotis.
(BELDOCS 2010 festival catalogue)

Balanced direction without narrative gaps.
(newspaper "Epoche")


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