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From the series: Studies in Visual Culture (A series edited by Anthony Shelton)

Timothy Asch (1932–1994) was one of the best-known anthropologists of his generation and was among a small group of gifted ethnographic filmmakers who defined visual anthropology in the latter twentieth century. He worked with Margaret Mead, John Marshall and Napoleon Chagnon, lived and filmed on every continent except Antarctica, and won numerous international prizes. His work, which includes The Ax Fight and The Feast and more than fifty additional films of Venezuela’s Yanomamö Indians, and filming from Indonesia and Afghanistan, comprises the most widely used resource in the teaching of anthropology today. Timothy Asch and Ethnographic Film combines a biographical overview of Asch’s life with critical perspectives, giving a definitive guide to his background, aims, ideas, methodologies and major projects. Beautifully illustrated with sixty photographs, and featuring articles from many of Asch’s friends, colleagues and collaborators as well as an important interview with Asch himself, it is an ideal introduction to his work and to a range of key issues in ethnographic film.

Contributors: Douglas Harper, Nancy Lutkehaus, Peter Loizos, James J. Fox, Greg Acciaioli, Faye Ginsburg, Linda H. Connor, Patsy Asch, John P. Homiak, Wilton Martínez, Bill Nichols, Peter Biella, E. D. Lewis.

Edited by E. D. Lewis, Senior Lecturer in Anthropology at The University of Melbourne, Australia. He is author of People of the Source (1988), and co-producer with Timothy and Patsy Asch of the award-winning film A Celebration of Origins (1993).

1. Introduction: Timothy Asch in America and Australia -- E. D. LEWIS
2. An ethnographic gaze: scenes in the anthropological life of Timothy Asch -- DOUGLAS HARPER
3. Man, a course of study: situating Tim Asch’s pedagogy and ethnographic films -- NANCY C. LUTKEHAUS
4. At the beginning: Tim Asch in the early 1960s -- PETER LOIZOS
5. Efforts and events in a long collaboration: working with Tim Asch on ethnographic films on Roti in eastern Indonesia -- JAMES J. FOX
6. From event to ethnography: film-making and ethnographic research in Tana 'Ai, Flores, eastern Indonesia -- E. D. LEWIS
7. The consequences of conation: pedagogy and the inductive films of an ethical film-maker -- GREG ACCIAIOLI
8. Producing culture: shifting representations of social theory in the films of Tim Asch -- FAYE GINSBURG
9. Subjects, images, voices: representations of gender in the films of Timothy Asch -- LINDA H. CONNOR AND PATSY ASCH
10. Timothy Asch, the rise of visual anthropology, and the Human Studies Film Archives -- JOHN P. HOMIAK
11. Tim Asch, otherness, and film reception -- WILTON MARTÍNEZ
12. What really happened: a reassessment of The Ax Fight -- BILL NICHOLS
13. The Ax Fight on CD-ROM -- PETER BIELLA
14. Person, event, and the location of the cinematic subject in Timothy Asch’s films on Indonesia -- E. D. LEWIS


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