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Maxine Baker, Documentary producer/director and investigative journalist (London, UK) who teaches at the National Film and Television School (UK) and the Escuela International de Cine y Television (Cuba).

If you want to learn from the leading lights of today's revolution in documentary filmmaking Maxine Baker has written the guide you need to own. You'll discover the many different and innovative approaches to documentary form and style arising from the use of innovative new technology. A tribute to the mavericks of creativity, inside you will find interviews and advice from groundbreaking documentary makers from the UK, USA and Europe as well as extensive listings of useful worldwide contacts and organisations. Any and every fan of the documentary will experience anew the passion and wonder of the Factual Film. Published review: "This is a must-have insight into modern documentary; the principles that govern it and the conventions it often breaks. It deserves a place on the shelves of film commissioners, film students and documentary consumers as prominent as the place these documentary filmmakers have carved for themselves on our screens." - www.shootingpeople.org

Students on television/film courses, documentary makers and those working in factual television. Anyone with an interest in contemporary television documentary.

Errol Morris: American Iconoclast; Nicolas Philibert: French Sensibility; Paul Watson: Influence and Innovation; Pawel Pawlikowski, From Poland to Lalaland; Kevin Macdonald: In the genes?; Norma Percy ; Popular Investigative History; Brian Hill: Documentary – the musical; Victor Kossakovsky: The Poet from St Petersburg; Sean Langan: Journalist with a camera; Clive Gordon, the Berlin Aesthetic; Sean McAllister: Director/camera, With Attitude; The author's Lessons from a Life in Documentary; The Film-makers' filmographies; International Documentary Film Festivals; International Film Funds

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